A bazaar of bass, a sanctum for electronic music - dance music’s passport.

Crafted by a collective of fervent music devotees and tech trailblazers, bāssaar emerged from a shared zeal for the transformative force of electronic music. We've forged a unique ecosystem that fuses a vibrant marketplace, a dynamic e-wallet, and an exclusive online radio station. Our mission? To enrich the music journey, facilitate seamless transactions, and cultivate a worldwide fellowship of dance music aficionados.

Bāssaar is disrupting all aspects of the dance music experience and here’s how:

🍄 Wallet reimagined: Our e-wallet isn't just a wallet; it's a rule-breaking accomplice. It connects your purchases across our marketplaces, making transactions a breeze – just the way outlaws like it. 💼🪙🔗

🍄 Marketplace 2.0: Get ready for a roller coaster ride through our integrated primary and secondary marketplaces. From warehouses techno nights in Berlin to mischievous psytrance festivals in Brasil, we've got it all. Buy, store and sell through our joint marketplace. 🛍️🪙🤪

🍄 Tune In, Drop Out: Our exclusive online radio station playing electronic music isn't for the faint of heart. It's our way of giving the middle finger to convention while keeping the party alive. 🎵📻🤘