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Meet the Team

Julio Luque: CEO & Co-Founder - Executive multi-media producer and shaper of Bāssaar’s strategy.

Teo Irisarri: Chief Operating Officer – Armed with extensive knowledge of blockchain and AI, steering our team in the path of innovation.

Luciano Zavala: CTO & Co-Founder / Tech sorcerer and data scientist, engineering seamless experiences and leveraging disruptive technology.

Susanne Buchner: Editorial Director - Curating compelling content and fostering linguistic excellence.

Angely Gutierrez: Marketing Director - Mastermind behind Bāssaar’s voice.

Marianne: Partnerships Director - Bridge builder for our ecosystem’s collaboration initiatives across Web3.


Get ready for an unparalleled selection of events that will transport you to the heart of the electronic music scene. From our first radio showcases, to our first festival in 2024 and a Music industry conference's first edition, our catalog is your expedition's itinerary to the world of bāssaar.

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